Circle Keeper

Roxbury, MA

Genie Curry comes to OurRJ with substantial experience in advocacy and community healing. In 2000, Genie lost her son to an act of violence. Since that time, Genie has committed herself to assisting and advocating for families that feel voiceless in the wake of the loss of a loved one due to violence. Through her work with Healing and Encouragement/Survivor of Homicide Ministry as well as Mothers for Justice and Equality, Genie has not only brought awareness to the impact of crime on victims, but also to the healing that must occur on a community level and to the dangerous opportunities luring  inner city youth to crime. Having lost her son to knife violence, Genie became well versed on the issue and successfully lobbied the Boston City Council for a knife ordinance that reduced the accessibility of knives to youth in their communities, thus preventing interactions with the juvenile justice system. Genie strives to provide awareness of the impacts of crime on the community as a whole and to empower youth to become successful adults and community leaders.