Will you help us disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline? 

**UPDATE** OurRJ hit our initial goals in the first 24 hours of the challenge! This would not have been possible without your help. But we still have more to do, and we have until December 31 to hit our goal of $10,000. And as a bonus, if you set up a monthly donation by December 31, a generous anonymous donor will provide a 200% match! Click the "Give Now" button below!

With fundraising season well under way, OurRJ knows it can be challenging to decide how best to donate money. But we believe that by supporting a community-based organization like OurRJ is the best way for you to see the maximum dollar for dollar impact of your gift. A donation to OurRJ truly has the ability to radically improve the life of a young person in Massachusetts. 

Without you, we cannot do this work. Will you help us disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline? Click here to donate now and help us meet meet our goal of $5,000 from at least 40 donors through Global Giving's End of Year Accelerator Challenge!