Circle Keeper

Boston, MA

Veola comes to OurRJ as a survivor of the challenging foster care system. Veola confronted first-hand the overwhelming challenges faced by youth in foster care. As someone who has transformed her difficult childhood into an opportunity to inspire similarly-situated youth, Veola is an asset in reaching difficult to engage youth. A mom of three, Veola is an independent child welfare practice consultant, who has a background in public health. Veola holds a MS in mental health counseling from Springfield College.Veola also has personal experience in the trauma that violence causes: her mother, brother and nephew were all murdered in the City of Boston in three unrelated homicides. Veola’s perspective on her own life, that a person can never be summed up by their story, encourages victims, the community, and the involved youth to engage deeply in the restorative justice process. Veola is dedicated to issues of social justice, specifically helping to strengthen families, systems, and youth to develop to their full capacity.