Matthew Stafford: It’s a different team, a different year, last year doesn’t mean anything

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford doesn’t want anyone resting on his laurels after winning the Super Bowl.

Stafford said at the start of training camp that the 2022 Rams are not the same team as the 2021 Rams, and if the 2022 team wants to find the same success, they can’t pretend that this year’s team has won anything.

“It’s a different team, it’s a different year,” Stafford said. “Just because we did something last year doesn’t mean anything’s going to happen this year. We’ve got to go out there and earn it. The opportunities to play in those games last year were earned. Ask yourself, what kind of opportunities are you willing to earn? It comes with sacrifice and hard work and being a great teammate and all that stuff. Ask yourself that before you step out onto the field.”

No team has repeated as Super Bowl champions since the Patriots in 2003-2004. If the Rams are going to be the next to do it, Stafford thinks they need to act as if they haven’t won anything.