Family Impact

Hear from parents of the impacted parties:

When my child got in trouble with the law, I thought that this child ruined his life for a rash, bored decision. I looked at him with disbelief: I couldn’t believe what he had done after the careful and thoughtful way I raised him. I looked at myself as a failure as a parent and what did I do to deserve this. Although my child made the decision he made, I was taking the ownership for his actions as well. This incident put a strain on my relationship with my son, and for the first time, I was not able to trust him. My son knew that I was angry, but most of all, my son saw that I was disappointed in his actions. This made my son realize the magnitude of his actions and was upset that he disappointed me and that I was unable to trust him.

As a parent, you want everything for your child and I was placed in a position where my child made a decision that could affect him for the rest of his life. I am very thankful that my child was able to go through OurRJ’s Restorative Justice Diverson Program. This program has changed my son to grow up and think about actions he is about to take rather than be impulsive. He was able to take the responsibility and own what he did, and this lesson was one that he can look back on and say that he was able to grow as an individual and own his mistakes that he has made.
— A very thankful parent in Middlesex County