Program Breakout

Middlesex County Restorative Justice Diversion Program

OurRJ, in partnership with the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, offers an alternative to arraignment for juveniles. By participating in the OurRJ diversion program, the juvenile charged with an offense is given the opportunity to repair the harm caused to the impacted party and community by accepting responsibility. Our program uses restorative justice principles to identify needs, explore harm, and address the root causes of an offense. Together, the responsible party, impacted party and the community create a plan for moving forward in a positive way to heal the specific harms identified. By allowing the juvenile to redress the harms caused by their offense, OurRJ holds the juvenile responsible while also helping him or her avoid a criminal record."

Boston Restorative Justive Diversion Program

OurRJ has partnered with the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps to implement an integrated Detention Diversion Advocacy Project (DDAP) in the Dorchester Juvenile Court, serving marginalized youth living in the Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan neighborhoods. We look forward to our partnership program commencing in early 2017.